Written on 09/04/2019

Founded by Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient, Ottolinger is a Berlin-based brand recognized for its avant-garde approach to design. For this season's fall campaign Julien Ceccaldi illustrated characters reflective of the collection pieces they’re showcasing.

"Oscar is a nonchalant prince-type character, so he got a loose sweatshirt paired with a shiny chain earring." - Julien Ceccaldi

 "Solito is a lustful, feminine homebody, so I combined his skin-bearing outfit, with a purse and reading glasses."  - Julien Ceccaldi

"Marie-Claude is the skeleton of a doll. She is kind and composed, but she also jealous and vengeful, which in my mind is the kind of person that wears a Chanel-looking tweed suit." -  Julien Ceccaldi

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